Enterprise chain reform

Enterprise chain reform

It is a kind of supply-side structural reform to change the chain into the traditional corporate enterprise empowerment. A standard block-chain economic organization is a distributed self-governing organization. By issuing Token, gathering consensus and replacing the traditional joint-stock cooperative mode, it promotes productivity and enables all stakeholders involved in wealth creation to have the power of co-governance and sharing of the long-term interests of the organization. Its cooperation efficiency will be ten times higher than that of the company system. Organization.

Take the advertising company for example, the advertising company can issue the passport according to the contribution of employees. Of course, besides the passport issued by the company, the earnings of these employees will increase as the company becomes stronger and stronger. The value of the passport issued by the company will also increase. The employees will grow with the company and gain more. Many interests.

This way can generate positive incentives for employees, and can continue to stimulate the growth of the company.

Different departments of the same enterprise can use unused certificates to reward different employees in this way, which can also confirm the actual situation of various aspects of the company's development, and more conducive to the company's judgment and adjustment of direction.

This is only one aspect of chain reform. Enterprises can use block chain technology to achieve cost reduction, such as cross-payment; they can also use block chain technology to achieve efficiency improvement, such as supply chain, etc., but all of them need to be combined with the actual business, so they can not use block chain without need. Technology.