Exchange Development

Foreign trade features: virtual currency variety, free negotiation price, 1-to-1 transaction, platform to verify the identity of buyers and sellers, more secure

Block chain wallet: Users fully control the private key, operate safely and reliably, provide multi-signature technology guarantee, account automatic binding address strategy

Digital Asset Trading System: Characteristics of Digital Asset Trading System: Distributed Management and Control, Flexible Architecture, High Reliability and Expansibility of System Architecture

Currency trading system: main chain currencies, self-developed currencies to achieve perfect docking

Overall support for multi-currency to market transactions, over-the-counter trade to support multi-sided ways

Creating a New Way of Off-the-counter User Digital Currency Transaction and Off-the-counter OTC Transaction System

Precision wind control, safety and controllability, up to 10 times the support of high leverage Trading

Intelligent Robot Trading Strategy, Providing True Trading Depth and K-Line Map, Reducing Trading Risk

Leverage trading system, market robot system

Digital Wallet Ecology-Software Development

Secure Payment Platform, Providing Scenario Payment Service

Digital + Wallet Asset Management, Professional Personal Asset Management Wallet System

Multi-currency Cross-Chain Asset Management to Enhance the Security of Derivative Private Key

Block chain multi-currency wallet system can support multi-currency storage, union of global digital asset exchanges; value-added services of digital assets: value-added services such as hedging trading mining, high-frequency quantitative trading, and multi-scenario applications.

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